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Bill has been a fantastic teacher as well as mentor to my nine year old son. My son has a cousin who has been taking drums much longer and is only a little better than my son. Bill and his wife Sharon welcome each family into their home with loving hearts. I especially like the fact that they are Christian. Actions speak louder than words. I could tell you a hundred and one reasons to enroll your drummer now, but I will merely state three. Affordability, Bill's kind heart and Passion to teach, and lastly I am sure you're kiddos will love drums!!! 

Outstanding instructor! My son has been taking drum lessons and has learned so much. Bill makes it really fun to learn. Would highly recommend him!

Billy is a long-time experienced, highly skilled and knowledgeable drummer. There are few drummer/musicians here in the Pacific Northwest who have been at their craft professionally as long as him. (I know that it's been over 50 years for Billy~!) I highly recommend Billy as a teacher and professional who specializes in a vast awareness of all types of drumming styles and the application of the individual instruments included in the drum kit to create those drumming styles in music. He has played professionally with every kind of band you can imagine. In addition to all I've mentioned above, you will never find a nicer, more pleasant guy to be around and work with than Billy Barner! 
-Dan Moeler-

Billy and I have worked in bands together for several years and he is perhaps the most musical drummer I know. His ability to contribute ideas to arragements is outstanding as, of course, is his musicianship. They call him Billy "the pocket" Barner for good reason!

Son Jack, Jr.

Delta Blues Recording Artist

As a professional bass player for many years it has been my pleasure to perform with Billy in several styles of music. Blues,Funk,Rock,even Country when called for. From small intimate settings(100) to outdoor ones (2500 plus) If Billy is the drummer you know its going to be a good gig. If you are fortunate enough to be one of his drum students, Billy will be able to teach you every style you wish to learn!


T-Town Bass Ace, Eric "Rico" Bauer

I'm a bass player with over 40 years of experience. It's my pleasure to recommend Billy Barner. He substituted quite often for our drummer and everytime we played together, I played better and the band sounded better. The fans were quick to tell us how much better we sounded with Billy. We played blues, R&B and rock. Billy was strong in all fields. He has a very pleasant nature and is very sincere and If I were an aspiring student I wouldn't hesitate to ask him to teach me what he knows.

Bill Charlton

Bass player: Little Feat, Nick Nicolas Band, Groove Gators

Billy's nickname "In the Pocket" really says it all. I have had a very good fortune to play with Billy in several different bands. I am always pumped to walk into a gig and see Billy on the stage. Mr. Barner is a consummate musician, who's repertoire of rhythms is seemingly endless, Rock, Reggae, Funk, Soul, Ballads, Shuffles, Mambos, Sambas, 2nd Line, Blues, the list goes on and on.....AND he know at least 3 ways to play each one of them. Billy understands the term "rhythm section" to a 'T'. He is dynamic, spontaneous and solid as a rock. When Little Bill's longtime Drummer Tommy Morgan was injured this year we were so very lucky to have Billy Barner sub the rest of the year, wottah player!

Billy Stapleton

Little Bill & The Blue Notes, Power House, Mark Dufrene, Stick Shift Annie

Billy is a super drummer, and a very pleasant, easy going, warm, fun person. We've played together in my band, I've also played as a guest with his band, and we've also worked on recording projects together. It's always a pleasure! Billy sets a great groove appropriate to the song, creates a strong foundation with positive energy and cool vibe. Personally, he's always very positive on-stage and off stage too. He's a person with the utmost of integrity

Brian Lee

Blues Orbiters

Having been involved in the music scene here in the Pacific Northwest for many years, both as a member of the original Galaxies and The Rainier Jazz Band, it is my belief that Billy Barner is one of the top drummers around. Billy can play in my band anytime.

Roger Rogers

The Roger Rogers Band

The Wolf Pack

Billy is a true pro. Any style, any situation... always smiling and ALWAYS grooving.

Greg Timmons


Having been involved in the music scene here in the Pacific Northwest for many years, both as a member of the original Galaxies and The Rainier Jazz Band, it is my belief that Billy Barner is one of the top drummers around. Billy can play in my band anytime.

Ron Rustadt:

Saxaphone, vocalist

The Galaxies

Throughout the last three decades I have had the good fortune to work with Billy several times and the one thing that I have come to count on is the high level of musicianship and professionalism that he exemplifies. He is a pro!

Larry Williams:  Saxaphone

As the President of the South Blues Association and Event Manager for The Tacoma Events Commission I've produced many events that Billy Barner has performed. I've found him to be an excellent musician, very professional, responsible, and displays a great attitude.

Gary Grape

I highly recommend Billy Barner for drum lessons!!! Billy and I go way back, but most recently hooked up performing together with THE GALAXiES - 

Billy is a GREAT drummer, teacher and all around wonderful person to be around and work with!!!

Chuck Naubert 
Founding member of THE GALAXiES 

I have worked with Billy many times over the past several years with regard to booking his bands, King Kom Beaux and Blues Redemption to play at our outdoor concert series. He is always very professional and friendly and his bands always put on a great shows.

Kristin Unden

Events Coordinator: Uptown Village, Gig Harbor